ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE: Five Years’ Requirement Reaches Rp 278 Trillion

March 6, 2015, Bisnis Indonesia, page 6, Section: Infrastruktur

JAKARTA – The government has estimated that funds of Rp 278 trillion are needed to build road infrastructure up to five years into the future.

Acting [Plt.] Director General of Highways (Bina Marga) of the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing, Djoko Murjanto, said that the estimated funds are to be used to finance a number of priority projects.

“The required funding is to finance the completion of ongoing projects and to begin the construction of new projects,” he said, Thursday (5 March)

Based on his explanation, the priority projects whose work processes will be sped up in the next five years include, among others, the construction completion of the Trans-Java toll road, the construction of 2,350km of new roads, land acquisition, and the construction of the Trans-Sumatra toll road.

Next are the preservation of roads along 45,592km, development of sub-national roads along 500km, construction of roads in 11 metropolitan and large cities, the construction of some 29,856m of brodges and preservation of bridges with total length of 4445,910m, and the construction of border roads in the three location points, i.e. West Kalimantan, Papua, and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

“What will be a priority this year is the construction of roads in the border regions,” he said.

According to Djoko, road construction projects in the border regions have become a strategic issues in this year. The government, he added, is targeting the development process in three border regions to be completed within a period of three years.

In addition to the border projects, his office also highlights a number of other issues that have become strategic in the implementation of 2015, among others, the focus to undertake repair and improvement works on road supporting facilities, such a drainage and road shoulders, and also to perform road function and road safety acceptance tests, as well as the handling of a number of critical location points and cliffs that are vulnerable to landslides.

“These should be done to ensure comfort and safety on the road,” he added.

Directorate General of Highways in Revised State Budget (APBN-P) of 2015 has got a funding allocation of Rp 56.97 trillion. To accelerate the absorption of the budget, auction processes and the processes of undertaking a number of projects will be expedited.

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