Day 1 – Joint System Precast Technology

Joint System Precast Technology

Day   : Wed, 14 September 2016
Time : 13.30 – 15:30


Economic & Technical Consideration in using Precast Technology

There is a growing demand in the use of precast technology.  These ranges from structural to architectural precast components.

The technology is used basically to increase productivity and improves the quality resulting in earlier completion of the project with minimum reworks.

However, it is important to consider the economics or the feasibility of using such technology before embarking on it.

This short course will discuss the approach to implement such technology to ensure its viability from Design, Plant Set Up, Material & Human Resources,

Logistics, Management as well as Installation point of view.


Speaker by Lim Chong Sit


Speaker Profile

Er Lim Chong Sit graduated from the University of Sheffield, UK.  He is a Fellow, Institute of Engineers, Spore, Accredited Checker, Chartered Professional Engineer, Australia and ASEAN CPEng.  He is also a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers, Spore.

Er Lim is currently the Managing Director of Robin Village International Pte Ltd, a company specialising in exporting the use of precast technology.  He is a director in HighTech Precast Ltd, Myanmar and also Geostr RV Pte Ltd, Spore and Geostr RV Sdn Bhd, Msia.

Er. Lim Chong Sit has also worked in Statutory Board (HDB), Construction & Precast Company as well as Engineering Consulting Company.

He was also responsible for the first in-house design of a fully prefabricated building for HDB’s housing project. He was one of the pioneers in formulating innovative precast building systems and precast products for upgrading projects in built up areas.

He has successfully established the HDB’s Prefabrication Technology Centre. It is a Centre for Research & Development in precast technology, as well as a training centre for Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and Supervisors to learn more about precast technology for use in building construction

Mr Lim has also participated in many lectures and seminars in Singapore as well as Overseas. He has also co-authored the book “Structural Precast Concrete Handbook” which was published by Building and Construction Authority.


Design Strategy of Earthquake Resistant Precast Building Case Study at Tamansari Hive Office Building and Low Rise Apartment Building for TNI and POLRI

Day : Wed, 14 September 2016

Time      : 15:30 – 16:30

Speaker by: Ir. Gambiro Soeprapto,MT – AP3I


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