Why Exhibit

Cement consumption in Indonesia is expected to rise around 8 percent (y/y) to 68 million tons in 2017 from an estimated 63 million tons in 2016. Government-led infrastructure projects are believed to be the main pillar of support for next year’s rising cement consumption in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, particularly the one million houses program as well as other strategic projects. (source: Indonesia-investments)

In the 2017 State Budget the Indonesian government allocated IDR 387.3 trillion (approx. USD $29.8 billion) for infrastructure development, up from IDR 317.1 trillion in the 2016 budget. Since Joko Widodo became Indonesian President in 2014 the infrastructure budget of Indonesia has been raised rapidly, showing that Widodo kept his pledge and is serious about constructing roads, bridges, airports, harbors, and railways in an effort to enhance connectivity in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. (source: Indonesia-investments)

The government has also issued 12 economic packages and deregulation measures that make it easier to do business in the country. In parallel Bank Indonesia’s (BI) series of interest rate cuts – the rate now stands at 6.75% – have made bank financing more affordable.

*Goldman Sachs: Brics in 2050

Meet the right people

We expect more than 6,000 visitors to the show including senior decision makers in the region you can speak to about your products and services. When times are tough, the Concrete Show works harder for your marketing budget than any other media.

  • Focused market penetration – reach a large section of the market in just three days which may otherwise take you months.
  • Generate direct sales while simultaneously enhancing your brand image.
  • Business is conducted face to face – the most persuasive form of selling, and of building customer relationships.
  • Gather market information and understand the competitor landscape. See what they are doing in the region which you may not be.
  • Meet a highly targeted audience for concrete which allows you to communicate your message more effectively.

We have a wide range of exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities available to suit all objectives and budgets. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your interest or requirements with the team.

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