Indonesia One-Million-House Program Achievable

September 2, 2015, Antara News

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The government is optimistic that the one-million-house program adopted by President Joko Widodo’s administration can be achieved, according to an official.

“The government is optimistic that in 2015 the one-million-house program can be achieved, of which, 600.000 units will be for low income people and the rest are for commercial sales,” Public Works and Public Housing Ministrys Director General for Housing Finance Maurin Sitorus Said in a statement here on Saturday.

He noted that the program aims to address the backlog or shortage of houses in various regions across the country.

But he acknowledge that the challenges that exist in the field of public housing programs are still quite large.

Sitorus pointed out that the challeges include, among other things, the statistical data in 2014 which showed that the gap between the need for, and the building of houses, still amounted to 13,5 million units in terms of ownership.

Besides, he added that there are still 7,6 million people who do not own a home and some 3,4 million houses that were found to be uninhabitable. Which the government has to address.

According to Sitorus, another challenge is that the government has to immediately act regarding the 38,000 hectares of slum area, he noted.

But, he added, the current program of Housing Finance Liquidity Facility (FLPP), with funding of as many as 76,000 housing units as of July 2015.


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