Planned Routes of Toll Road Construction

April 27, 2015, Bisnis Indonesia, Page: 30

Planned Routes of Toll Riad Construction

Padang – Pekanbaru 242 km Rp 35 trillion
Pekanbaru – Palembang 610 km Rp 95 trillion
Bengkulu – Palembang 303 km Rp 63 trillion
Indralaya – Palembang 22 km Rp 2.4 trillion
Jati Agung – Babatan 30 km Rp 3.0 trillion
Palembang – Bandar Lampung 358 km Rp 44 trillion

Technical Data of Trans-Sumatera Toll Road
Length: 2,048 km
Assignee: PT Hutama Karya
Land cost: Rp 19 trillion
Number of segments: 23
Function: Connecting accesses to eight national activity centres, eight airports, six international ports, as well as planned development of industrial areas

Source: Ministry of PU-Pera, processed

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