Concrete Floor Cracks Seminar



Date: 14th Sept 2017, Thursday

Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Venue: Ground Floor, Seminar Room A, Exhibition Hall D2

Seminar Fees:

Early Birds (Closing date 30 Aug 2017): USD 299 per pax

Group Package (Applicable for 2 pax and above): USD 333 per pax

Standard Fee: USD 399 per pax

Today, floor cracks are getting very common, builders do not understand the causes

and owners blame it on you.

In-conjunction of Concrete Show Exhibition 2017, Academy of Concrete

Technology (AoCT) is conducting a 1 day seminar during the exhibition week in

Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia. Join us and gain knowledge on concrete floor

cracks solution, best practices and recommended specifications for concrete floor



Topics brought to you from USA.

  • Why concrete cracks?
  • What causes concrete cracks?
  • When do cracks happen?
  • What are the common types of cracks?
  • How to prevent/control cracks?
  • What are the consequences of cracks?
  • What to consider if there are cracks?
  • When to repair cracks?
  • How to repair cracks?
  • Demonstration on concrete crack repair
  • Case studies
  • Common concrete floor defects


Who should be attending?

For contractors, consultant, engineers who are facing the followings issues:

  • Client who can never accept cracks.
  • Client who are not willing to pay for the concrete repair.
  • Don’t know how to stop the seemingly never-ending growth of cracks.
  • When cracks happened, who is responsible? Everyone started pointing finger.

Come discover how you can manage these issues by getting your client to accept



The Crack Expert:

Mr. Zack Lim Eng Hock

Principal of Academy of Concrete Technology

Mr. Zack Lim Eng Hock, a pioneer in concrete floor construction in Southeast Asia

who wear several hats. Mr. Lim, Managing Director of Zacklim Flat Floor Specialist

Sdn Bhd who was awarded with IKEA projects in Mutiara Damansara, Cheras and

upcoming IKEA, Johor Bahru. With someone who enjoys sharing knowledge, he was

often invited as a guest speaker by various key player in the construction industry

such as Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR), Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM), University of

Malaya and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).  In 2014, he

setup Academy of Concrete Technology Sdn Bhd (AoCT) in order to continue his

motto “learn and do it right”. A passionate person who is always in hunger for

knowledge was also the past president of American Concrete Institute (ACI) – Kuala

Lumpur Chapter which is now better known as American Concrete Institute –

Malaysia Chapter. Mr. Zack once held position as vice president of Concrete Society

Malaysia (CSM), founding member of Concrete Floors Asia (CFA) and a council

member of Asian Concrete Construction Institute (ACCI).


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